What’s this best neighborhood in Japan: Azabu

August 28, 2012 under Destinations

It is a little known fact that Tokyo, Japan is a famous capital city known for its well-developed and modernistic structures representing the country’s technological advancements and developments. Aside from being one of the busiest and popular business centers in the world, Tokyo also offers some of the best residences and communities through its best residential neighborhoods like Azabu.

A picture of Moto-Azabu Hills residence tower

As one of the best residential neighborhoods in the district, Azabu is the favorite and common choice for tourists and well-known visitors from celebrities, diplomats, businessmen, and executives all over the world. Traveling and exploring to and from this place is also very easy through the numerous subway lines available in the area like the Namboku subway, Hibiya subway, and the Oedo subway.

Azabu is one of the most prominent and prestigious cosmopolitan regions in Central Tokyo, specifically in the Minato ward. This area is known to be the location of some of the prime expat properties in Tokyo. Aside from upscale apartments and residential properties, Azabu also hosts some of the best restaurants, hotels, shops, boutiques, and attractions in the country. Tourists and prominent people from other places usually come to this place because of the mix of native and western lifestyles.

Azabu is divided into 5 major areas namely Higashi-Azabu, Minami-Azabu, Moto-Azabu, Nishi-Azabu, and Azabu-Juban. It is located between Hiroo, Aoyama, and Roponggi – a very popular area in Central Tokyo known for entertainment, business and nightlife.

Despite being a busy place for business, entertainment and tourism, compared to other busy cities in the Tokyo, Azabu is actually known for its quiet and peaceful environment. That is why it is a good choice for those looking for a comfortable and quiet place for temporary or permanent residence in Tokyo.

If you want a luxurious but a quiet place to live in Central Tokyo, then you should consider the residential areas and properties in Azabu. It is definitely a place you can call “a home away from home”.  Real estate companies that specialize in expats like Plaza Homes are a great choice for someone looking for a comfortable apartment in Azabu or any other posh area in Tokyo.

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Bus Tours in Tokyo

April 4, 2011 under Tours

While you are visiting in Tokyo, you may be interested in checking out a Tokyo bus tour. There are many bus tours in Tokyo to choose from. However, one of the more popular Tokyo bus tours is Sky Bus Tokyo. You will definitely be given the opportunity to see the city of Tokyo with the Sky Bus Tokyo.

Bus Tour TokyoThere are many different tours to choose from, but all of the tours start outside the Mitsubishi Building. You can choose from the T01 tour, the T03 tour, the T04 tour, and the N01 tour. Which tour you choose will depend on where in Tokyo you would like to see, the price you would like to pay, and what times would be most convenient for you to take part in a bus tour.

The T01 tour is one of the tours provided by Sky Bus Tokyo. The T01 follows a circle leaving from the Mitsubishi Building and hitting many locations including Imperial Palace, National Museum of Modern Art, the British Embassy, National Theater, Supreme Court, the Diet Building, Kasumigaseki, and Ginza. The cost of this tour is 1500 yen, but children ride for 700 yen. The tour buses for this tour leave on the hour every hour from 10am until 6pm. However, in January and February the tour buses stop at 5pm.

The T03 tour is a little more expensive. The cost of this tour is 1700 yen for adults and 800 yen for children. Upon leaving the Mitsubishi Building you will see many locations which include Imperial Palace, Tokyo Tower, Rainbow Bridge, Toyosu, Tsukiji. Ginza, Hibiya, and Marunouchi. The buses for this tour depart 40 minutes past the hour from 10:40am to 5:40pm from March through November. However, in January in the bus departs at 10:20am, 11:50am, 1:20pm, 2:50pm, and 4:20pm. This tour is just under an hour long. The only unfortunate fact about this tour is it is only available in Japanese.

The T04 tour is the least expensive of the daytime tours available from Sky Bus Tokyo. The price of the T04 tour is 1200 yen for adults and 600 yen for children. The tour buses leave the Mitsubishi Building and follow their route to see Hibiya, the Diet Building, Omotesando, Shibuya, Aoyama, Jingu Gaien, Akasaka Palace State Guesthouse, Akasaka Mitsuke, and the Imperial Palace. The buses for this tour leave the Mitsubishi 30 minutes past the hour from 10:30am to 5:30am. The only day out of the year this tour doesn’t run is January 1st. This tour runs just over an hour long. However, this tour is only available in Japanese unfortunately.

The N01 tour is the only night tour available from Sky Bus Tokyo. This tour is the most expensive tour of all the tours available. The cost of this tour is 2000 yen for adults and 1000 yen for children. After the tour buses leave the Mitsubishi Building they follow their route to many locations including the Imperial Palace, Rainbow Bridge, Odaiba, Tsukiji, Ginza, Hibiya, and Marunouchi. This tour is available on Friday and Saturday evenings and only depart at 6:30pm. The N01 tour does not run on January 1st. This tour is about 2 hours long, which includes a one hour long stop at Aqua City in Odaiba. Unfortunately, this tour is only available in Japanese.

As you can see, Sky Bus Tokyo has some great tours to offer. Although it may seem unfortunate that most of the tours are only available in Japanese; if you brush up on your Japanese you will be just fine. If that isn’t an option, you can just take in the sights and pick up your own tour book of the city to look through as you come upon each sight of the city.

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3 Top Tourist Destinations in Japan

April 4, 2011 under Destinations

When it comes to tourism in Japan, there are many great attractions to consider. There truly is no shortage of things to do and see during your time visiting in Japan. Three of the top tourist destinations in Japan include Ginza District, Roppongi District, and the Tokyo National Museum.

Ginza District is a well-known district in Tokyo, Japan. It is filled with an abundance of nightlife, shopping, art galleries, restaurants and much more. Ginza District is home to some of the best designer boutiques, which is a huge plus for the avid shopper. There also many elegant cafe’s and fine dining restaurants for you to check out as well. One thing the Ginza District is known for is having the largest fish market in not only all of Japan, but all of Asia. Another thing you may want to check out if you’re into technology is the Sony Building. You can check out the latest Sony has to offer as well as view demonstrations free of charge. There is quite a bit to take in and experience in Ginza District, so be sure to check it out during your time in Japan. You may even meet someone famous while you’re there as it is one of the popular hangouts for the rich and famous.

If you’re looking for a more cultural location to check out in Japan, Roppongi District might be just the place for you. Roppongi District is definitely the location for the art enthusiast as it is filled with art. Some of the best art museums fill Roppongi District. Among these art museums are the Mori Art Museum, the Suntory Museum of Art, and the National Art Center. Aside from the art in the area; Roppongi District also offers amazing nightlife, an abundance of international restaurants, and more.

For someone who enjoys museums, the Tokyo National Museum would definitely be a great place to check out. The Tokyo National Museum is the largest museum in all of Tokyo. It is also rated as the best museum. The Tokyo National Museum is located inside Ueno Park. You will find an abundance of history, art, and archeology within the Tokyo National Museum. Some of the artifacts you can see include samurai swords and armor. You can also see and learn a lot about Japanese ancient history, which is rather interesting to the history enthusiast. The Tokyo National Museum has a lot of offer and a lot to see. It would definitely be worth the visit while you’re in Tokyo.

As you can see, there really is a lot to experience while you’re visiting in Japan. Filling your time with top-rated tourism attractions would definitely make certain you aren’t disappointed. Ginza District, Rappongi District, and the Tokyo National Museum should definitely be at the top of your travel itinerary while you are in Japan. There is a lot more to see as far as tourism in Japan is concerned, but these three will start you off well in your travel plans.

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